We talk about preparing expatriates, yet so often forget the local teams who welcome them - or put up with them... we tried to change that with Nils..

"What can we do for the teams who have to welcome the expatriate managers? It can be hard when the expats arrive with a bit of an attitude. Or when the employees are forced to change their own habits to accommodate a boss who doesn't seem to realize how things work here..."

This was the request we received from an HR manager. As consultants and trainers, we had certainly witnessed the struggle some of the local teams had faced with the arrival of someone meant to lead them who seemed to be clueless about their expectations and strengths.

It wasn't realistic to train every single person in the company with a budget reserved for the mobility team and so we created a tool: a booklet that could be shared in the host country.

Nils is the story of a Swedish manager and the French colleagues who welcome him to their Paris office. We created it in 2012. We always planned on creating a version in English for teams in the UK, USA, Australia and Canada. What examples do you have of situations between expatriates who've come to work with you? We'd love to hear about your experiences!

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