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MEANINGFUL CHANGE International growth and meaningful change… While these words are often pronounced by company leaders extolling their strategic visions, they often leave managers and employees confused about how to achieve them. Globalization has increased the degree of uncertainty by expanding the scope and complexity of their activities. Many organizations are facing a “never-ending change story” that leaves managers under pressure and employees confused about where they are headed and what is expected of them. And yet, international growth and meaningful change should be the priorities that transform potential into performance. We work with companies to transform these priorities into programs of cultural change using structured approaches and innovative tools that make sense and engage their teams. International Growth Our four-step path of international growth serves as a lens to measure the maturity of an organization and how well it is tapping into its talent and resources. The Full Potential Company – is described using 8 dimensions (4 for internal growth and 4 for external growth). Each dimension – whether about leadership or supplier relations – offers key indicators to measure your current performance. The Full Potential Company model can serve to trigger a critical conversation or a fully supported global growth plan. For example, we can deliver a workshop with your senior management team to see how your own company measures up and invite a discussion on opportunities and choices for growing internationally. Or, we can work with your teams to fine-tune the model so that its dimensions reflect your KPIs, assess your current performance across countries and activities, and build a plan to reach the full potential or every dimension. For the past 25 years, we have worked with clients as they’ve faced globalization with its challenges and its choices. The Full Potential Company is based on the best practices that have allowed those to find success without borders. Meaningful Change We work with organizations of all sizes on their strategic visioning. We developed a process to envision the change and drive it based on 4 key questions: – What for? Envisioning the organizations “noble” purpose – What? Defining measurable outcomes or goals that embody the purpose – How? Strategic planning (with principles, processes & people) to reach the goals – What now? Assessing the current context and core of a company to take stock of resources and risks as well as quick wins Though rooted in organizational development research from some of the world’s leading academics, our approach is pragmatic and accessible with a focus on results. THE GLOBAL’EASE ITERATIVE BUSINESS PLANNING APPROACH “The Board of Directors would like to thank you for leading our Strategic Planning Process over the past months. We’ve exceeded our expectations. Most importantly, our Managing Director is happy, clear on what to focus on in the months ahead.” – Not-for-profit organization, Manitoba, Canada  

Our Training Modules are Relevant & Engaging: They Work... 

Core Principles

SMILE!’s core principles include:
- What it means to be “customer-ready”
- Emotional environments of confidence, concern and conflict
- Customer needs and the responses that will restore confidence

Customized Tools

Then, for every country and indeed every company, the program covers real-life customer situations for each of the environments with tips, tools and techniques for positive interaction.

Real-Life Application

Participants are introduced to each situation with a real-life illustration. Once they identify the challenge and learn about how best to face it, they apply what they’ve learned (through role-play, critical incident or task).

Commitment to Care

 Participants not only hone their communication skills, they become empowered and enthusiastic about making sure every customer leaves with a positive memory of their experience in the company!

Four Key Players & a Flagship Course for Each!