Whether you're based in Brisbane or Bombay, your Customers expect and deserve world-class service! 

DESIGNING EFFECTIVE APPROACHES Our “Lab” brings together course developers from around the world. We work with our clients to co-create training solutions that work for them, by taking into account their context and their culture. Our innovative tools and programs include: The “Borderless English” approach that encourages native English-speakers to speak in way that their international colleagues or clients can better understand! A “Family-Friendly Approach to Mobility” which was recognized through France’s Training Award in 2002 (Trophée de la Formation) “Roots and Wings, My Adventure Roadbook”, a creative journal for expatriate children, co-authored by Nathalie Kleinschmit A four-step model of globalization that leads from “First Contacts” to “Full Potential”, which serves as a foundation for our intercultural management programs “Smile!”, a world-class customer service program that includes training modules for front-line employees, their supervisors and management as well as specialized training workshops for special events and high-stake environments. Originally developed for a leading utilities multinational where 200 certified internal trainers run workshops for thousands of employees a year, Smile! has been adapted and adopted by clients as diverse as shopping malls in Dubai, a Unesco World Heritage Site in France and a general store in the Canadian prairies! An “Iterative Business Planning” approach to lead an organization through changing environments “ARISE”, a comprehensive train-the-trainer program and certification process that is offered to in-house trainers in a company as well as independent trainers who wish to leverage the Global’Ease experience and expertise.

Our Training Modules are Relevant & Engaging: They Work... 

Core Principles

SMILE!’s core principles include:
- What it means to be “customer-ready”
- Emotional environments of confidence, concern and conflict
- Customer needs and the responses that will restore confidence

Customized Tools

Then, for every country and indeed every company, the program covers real-life customer situations for each of the environments with tips, tools and techniques for positive interaction.

Real-Life Application

Participants are introduced to each situation with a real-life illustration. Once they identify the challenge and learn about how best to face it, they apply what they’ve learned (through role-play, critical incident or task).

Commitment to Care

 Participants not only hone their communication skills, they become empowered and enthusiastic about making sure every customer leaves with a positive memory of their experience in the company!

Four Key Players & a Flagship Course for Each!