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Over the past 25 years we have created dozens of workshops and hundreds of tools for international growth and meaningful change. Whether the courses touch on working in diverse teams or welcoming customers with care, all of our training programs are rooted in the notion of "environments of confidence". Indeed, we believe that we should focus on changing environments rather than people so that they want to bring the best  they have to the table. When people feel seen,

We were early adopters of participant-centric learning approaches and have always strived to make the best use of your time in our learning sessions. Relevance, transparency and coherence are the three values that permeate our materials so that concepts and tools are easy to grasp and apply.

In 2001, We were among the first to create eLearning modules in the intercultural field with the module “Heading Home” for returning expatriates and their families. These modules are being updated and will be available soon! Twenty years later, we are in the process of making all of our flagship courses available in an eLearning format. Please be patient with us... we're hard at work! We're looking forward to sharing our new Learning space with you.

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Core Principles

SMILE!’s core principles include:
- What it means to be “customer-ready”
- Emotional environments of confidence, concern and conflict
- Customer needs and the responses that will restore confidence

Customized Tools

Then, for every country and indeed every company, the program covers real-life customer situations for each of the environments with tips, tools and techniques for positive interaction.

Real-Life Application

Participants are introduced to each situation with a real-life illustration. Once they identify the challenge and learn about how best to face it, they apply what they’ve learned (through role-play, critical incident or task).

Commitment to Care

 Participants not only hone their communication skills, they become empowered and enthusiastic about making sure every customer leaves with a positive memory of their experience in the company!

Four Key Players & a Flagship Course for Each!