More Than 300 Trainers Use Global'Ease Tools to Deliver Engaging Learning Experiences!

Do you have a passion for empowering others? Whether you wish to become a full-time independent trainer or simply have access to award-winning and proven tools to use with your own team, you'll find the ressources you need here.

Become a trainer or facilitator in any of our four areas of expertise:


We've developed a suite of resources to help you ensure every customer leaves with a positive memory of their experience in your company!

A catalogue is available for the asking:


A core module exists for every step of the expatriate journey, whether they are on their way to new lands or heading "home" (or both!)


A core module exists for every step of the expatriate journey, whether they are on their way to new lands or heading "home" (or both!)


Go further by honing your training skills for onsite or online live classes!

Our TTT Modules are Designed to Provide You With:

Insights for Design

- the way training programs are developed to respond to needs
- how course design supports active learning
- how customization works

A Framework for Key Course

Each area of expertise is shared through a flagship course that serves as a foundation for the rest. The framework lays out the path from understanding to action.

Learning Resources

You'll have access to illustrations, scenarios, and application exercises that you can use or adapt to suit your own needs.

Trainer Support

 Positive classroom interaction is easier with the tips and tools that we've collected over the years and are happy to share with each other!


Leveraging Our Tools and Our Strengths

NETWORK Global’Ease launched its Trainer Certification Program in 2005 so that our training approach would be more accessible to trainers and clients who wanted both flexibility and consistency in their training programs for international growth and meaningful change. Since then, more than 250 trainers have been trained and certified in over 20 countries around the world. Many of these trainers are internal trainers who deliver programs – especially in Customer Service – within their own organizations. Today, we are dedicated to empowering all those who wish to drive international growth and meaningful change in their organizations. We welcome not only independent trainers, consultants and coaches but also managers, team leaders and citizens who wish to work with Global’Ease’s award-winning and proven tools. Our network offers more opportunities for ongoing training, sharing best practices, and co-creating effective solutions to deal with emerging challenges. For more information on our upcoming Train-the-Trainer workshops or how we can develop a TTT program for internal trainers in your own organization, please contact Nathalie Kleinschmit who will be happy to answer your questions.

TRAINER PROFILES Global’Ease certified trainers: Recognize the impact of training and focus on “relevance” Understand their participants’ needs and experiences Communicate information and tools in an effective way Respect the Global’Ease training approach and Charter Share their enthusiasm for the opportunities diversity offers